Ajent Movie in iBOMMA. Akhil Akkineni is coming back to his action avatar with Agent in Surender Reddy’s direction. He is coming to big screens almost after a two-year break. Akhil is seen in all new look for the Agent while the trailer looked stylish and action-packed. The movie was released today in theaters. The Agent seems to be on a big mission and let us see the review of how his mission went.

Short Story

An ethical hacker Rama Krishna aka Ricky (Akhil) is an aspiring secret agent. He falls in love with Vaidhya (Sakshi Vaidhya). He admires the RAW chief Mahadev (Mammootty) and tries to impress him with his skills.

The God (Dino Morea) is an international criminal after whom the whole of Raw is. Mahadev resorts to sending Ricky aka Agent Wild on an unofficial mission to bring down the God. Is Ricky successful in his mission? What is the mission and who is the God actually? All these questions are answered by the story of the Agent.


Despite Akhil’s best attempts, his portrayal of the crazy agent usually comes out as overly enthusiastic. His action feats and good appearance demonstrate his commitment. His effort is undermined by the weak plot and the shoddy manner in which it was executed. Dino Morea is only another high-profile Hindi villain, and his persona is really uninteresting. The part could require a fashionable antagonist, but the one we have seen before in several films up to this point is the same old bad guy. It’s time for filmmakers to acknowledge the need for new villains.

Mammootty does a superb job as the Raw chief. He does well in his particular role, yet he is ineffective in this clunky espionage action film. While Sakshi Vaidhya had a nice appearance, her acting abilities were terrible. The dialogue of the heroine is not lip-synced, giving the impression that we are seeing a dubbed film. Sampath Raj, Satya, and Murli Sharma, among others, contributed in their respective roles.

Technical Aspect

The Agent is a protracted and tedious action movie. The run time is one of the primary issues. The Agent had a chic, premium appearance. Many shots and frames include amazing cinematography by Rasool Ellore.

There is not a single engaging song, and Rama Krishna appears exactly where it is not required. Even the final item song, which runs like “What the heck, Wild Saala,” seemed utterly forced and accurate to our perspective at the moment. There were absolutely no mind-blowing moments in the film, and the background music is pretty unremarkable. The script definitely had room for improvement.


The best agent going rogue for personal reasons and the mastermind who trained him sending a new and even more challenging agent after him is a vintage thread that was beaten to death in all these years. This Agent is nothing beyond that formula but was made in the most unentertaining way possible. There are umpteen logicless and overboard scenes and scenarios that take the audience for granted. Even after bearing all of them as cinematic liberty, Agent still remains a stale and lifeless drama.

The protagonist is portrayed by filmmaker Surender Reddy as a “unpredictable” young man who will do everything to become a RAW agent. However, the director’s Kick hangover appears to be following him about and is evident throughout the whole film.

A conventional love tale, a clever man posing as a wastrel, and of course the vicious villain’s performance make up the first half of the film. In an effort to portray our hero as an erratic “wild saala,” his character frequently veers off course and loses sight of the gravity of the pretended mission. A RAW chief entrusting a fanatic with a crucial assignment is absurd in and of itself, and the events that transpire are evenly spaced apart.

Regardless of whether Dino Morea is the best actor to play a villain, he is the most uninteresting character in the film. Such villains, who have the finest track record as agents yet turn against one another to worry their master, have been seen frequently in the past. His emergence as a sleek, strong cyborg with cutting-edge destructive technology accomplished little to further his character or the plot.

The second half is more chaos with chases, firing, and blasts everywhere. The lack of logic continues in the second half too. Akhil put his full efforts in for this Agent, but the weak writing and storyline dominate everything. Neither the songs nor the BGM is arresting.

Overall, Agent was a costly operation that failed horribly because the protagonist was forced to “surrender” to its worst plot and execution. In the film, Agent Ricky will go on a charm offensive as he dazzles the heroine, minor adversary, goons, Raw Chief, and nearly everyone else with his wildness, but sadly not the viewer.


Directed bySurender Reddy
Screenplay bySurender Reddy
Story byVakkantham Vamsi
Produced byRambrahmam SunkaraAjay SunkaraPathi Deepa Reddy
StarringAkhil Akkineni MammoottyDino MoreaSakshi Vaidya Vikramjeet Virk
CinematographyRasool Ellore George C. Williams (1 song)
Edited byNaveen Nooli
Music byHiphop Tamizha Bheems Ceciroleo (1 song)
AK Entertainments Surender 2 Cinema
Distributed byGoldmines Telefilms B4U Films
Release date28 April 2023
Budget₹65 crore
Box officeest. ₹13 crore

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