Anger Tales

Anger Tales Movie in iBOMMA. The most recent anthology series on Hotstar, Anger Tales, has piqued viewers’ interest with its teasers. Director Prabhala Tilak tells four distinct stories of people who struggle with this problem in their everyday lives and how they explode after a point based on the straightforward notion of rage.

Short Story

The first tale is titled “Food Festival,” and it stars Madonna Sabatian and Tharun Bhaskar. It tells the story of a modern female, played by Madonna, whose husband makes her eat solely vegetarian food despite the fact that she enjoys eating meat. Helmet Head, a tale that stars Phani Acharya, is the second one. He is a bald man in his 30s who is rejected by everyone.

An Afternoon Nap, a tale starring Bindu Madhavi, is the third one. She is a homemaker from the middle class, and her inquisitive neighbours keep her awake at night. Benefit Show, starring Venkatesh Maha and Suhas, is the last tale. It concerns a devoted fan who is enthusiastic about hosting a benefit concert including his favourite musicians.


Anger Tales receives top grades for performances. The acting is excellent, and things get going right away in the first episode. As the worried woman who wants to go all out for eating eggs, Madonna Sabastian displays her rage in a very delicate and elegant way. Phani Acharya plays the character of a guy lacking in confidence extremely well. It was encouraging to observe how he expresses subtly indignation when he experiences rejection in every aspect of life. The third episode is a turning point, and Bindu Madhavi is excellent as the housewife who has problems with her neighbours. She lashes out in a way that is incomprehensible to us.


The book Anger Tales explores how anger may bring forth your most dangerous traits. Please note that fury Tales is not about the kind of fury that drives you crazy and causes you to lose control. These rage problems are caused by everyday troubles and the way individuals are treated unfairly in life, which causes them to react oddly to situations. Each story has a solid foundation, relatable conflicts, and sympathetic characters that we can empathise with right away.

The first two stories’ disappointing conclusion, though, leaves much to be desired. Madonna Sabastain is illiterate for trying to eat eggs, hiding them, and acting in such a manner. She is dreaded by her husband for nothing more than eating eggs, and the way she escapes in the end is pretty peculiar. The second narrative, in which a bald guy sues the government because he is losing his hair as a result of wearing a helmet, is over the top and immediately disillusions the audience.

However, the final two episodes are when filmmaker Prabhala Tilak really shines. The portrayal of a housewife who lacks self-confidence and finds it difficult to take an afternoon sleep is excellent. The couple’s struggles and the range of human emotions are depicted as effectively as possible.

The final benefit event, however, is the most relevant episode since young people can immediately relate to it. The greatest means possible is used to demonstrate how fans go all out and make arrangements to stage a benefit event for their preferred entertainment. Suhas and Venkatesh Maha deliver flawless performances that excite the crowd.

The programme has excellent production quality since every episode is presented in the finest light. The BGM, editing, and dialogue are all well-chosen and do not detract from the viewing experience. The play is better technically, and the costumes are stunning as well. When it comes to setting up rage issues in the major characters’ daily lives, director Prabhala Tilak is remarkable.

However, the way he concludes the first two episodes is confusing and leaves the viewer feeling let down. The latter two stories are grippingly recounted, and the programme has some outstanding performances. But the first two episodes must be watched in order to enjoy this. Those who enjoy anthologies with distinctive settings should give this series a try, but be ready for the unconventional handling and odd conclusions.


TitleAnger Tales
Main CastVenkatesh Maha
Suhas, Ravindra Vijay
Bindu Madhavi
Phani Acharya
Tarun Bhascker
Madonna Sebastian
DirectorPrabhala Tilak
ProducerSreedhar Reddy
Story and ScreenplayKartikeya Karedla
Prabhala Tilak
EditorKodati Pawan Kalyan
DoPAmar Deep
Vinod K Bangari
Venkat R Shakhamuri
AJ Aaron
MusicSmaran Sri
Production DesignerAshok Narra
Costume Design & StylingSanjana Srinivas
Sound DesignersSai Maneendhar Reddy
Nagarjuna Thallapalli
Co ProducerKrishnam Gadasu
Executive ProducerKarthikeya Karedla
Title AnimationShakti Graphiste
Publicity DesignsTarak Sai Prathik

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