Balagam Movie in iBOMMA. Priyadarshi may have shown herself to be a skilled comedienne and co-actor. He is juggling leading parts in both movies and online series.His Loser series and Mallesham (2019) have received positive reviews. After a break, he made a comeback in the lead with the low-budget movie Balagam. Dil Raju Productions is funding the Venu Yeldandi-directed movie. The movie received some attention as a result of these factors. Let’s see what the movie has to offer.

Short Story

In a rural setting, old father Komarayya (Sudhakar Reddy), a cheerful guy, is overjoyed about his grandson Saayilu’s (Priyadarshi) wedding. Saayilu is in debt as a result of his failing companies, and he has high expectations for dowry. The abrupt death of Komarayya interferes with Saayilu’s intentions. However, this highlights the underlying familial tensions between Komarayya’s kids. How the conflicts are settled and how Komaraiah receives a calm farewell make up the rest of the story. How Sandhya (Kavya Kalyanram) helps Saayilu and who she is.


What works for Priyadarshi is best known to him. He remains with the character of Saayilu, who is the underdog. Saayilu’s troubles are depicted on TV, but Priyadarshi isn’t. Kavya Kalyanram was given a respectable part, and she excelled at it. Perfect casting for Sudhakar Reddy as Komarayya. His character is at the centre of the entire narrative.

As Komarayya’s older son Ailayya, Jayaram depicted him with a certain attitude. As Ailayya’s brother-in-law and the father of the heroine, Narayana, Muralidhar Goud of the DJ Tillu fame excels. He plays a crucial part and does it right. Lakshmi, Komarayya’s daughter, is replaced by Roopa. In this somewhat sombre and sad family drama, comedian Racha Ravi provides some comic relief. The supporting actors in the movie did a good job.

Technical Aspect

Balagam starts off with a very weak place. This fine line, nevertheless, is woven into a family story with feelings and sporadic hilarity. Deeper scenes have been successful. The picture was made well and had good screenplay. Venu, a first-time filmmaker, performed a respectable job. The soundtrack by Bheems fits the movie well. Congratulations to cinematographer Acharya Venu for his excellent capturing of the rural Telangana scenery.


The tale of Balagam is not new or untold. In villages, it is a typical sight in homes. The feelings inside the family are not unusual. Similar themes of family drama, feeling, and the passing of the family patriarch have been handled in a number of previous films.

All the difference is in the way it is told and recounted in Balagam. The film’s strength is in showing Telangana’s art and culture. The rustic setting in the movie is an accurate representation of reality. In addition, the writing is clean, concise, and uncomplicated. The filmmakers chose to stick to the core plot in a straightforward and honest movie.

Post-intermission, nevertheless, the movie’s narrative picks up speed. The scenes have deep emotion and are properly written. This was part of what made the movie successful. Many heart-wrenching situations occur in the second half. In particular, there is a scene in the pre-climax where Priyadarshi sobs as he remembers his devoted grandfather and recognises how ignorant he had been of him up until that point and how he had been manipulating his grandfather’s passing for his own gain.

All of them are modest, yet they have a big influence. The sceneries have a great deal of complexity. The movie is competent technically. The village is captured wonderfully in drone photos. Ooru Palleturu, Potti Pilla, and Balarama Narasayyo are examples of folk songs that contribute to the authenticity of Telangana culture.

Like any movie, this too has its share of shortcomings. There are some cinematic liberties too. The money lender of Saayilu who is portrayed as ruthless and emotionless crook goes absent in crucial portions. This track is half-baked. Even Saayilu’s failed marriage and his love track with his Maradalu Sandhya leaves us craving for more. The reason for the marriage call off could be better and more significant. These are not addressed properly.

Despite a few of these mistakes, Balagam’s deep familial feeling, the cast’s outstanding performances, and the wonderful sequences make it a compelling movie. The movie sends a message of harmony. Everyone who values family may learn something from the movie. These kind of rural films are infrequently produced in Telugu, but they are frequently attempted in Malayalam. The producer and director had the bravery to create such a local endeavour that merits particular recognition despite being aware of its limitations. Balagam is an all-around heartfelt family story with an emotional core.


Directed byVenu Yeldandi
Written byVenu Yeldandi
Produced byHarshith Reddy
Hanshitha Reddy
Kavya Kalyanram
Sudhakar Reddy
Kota Jayaram
Muralidhar Goud
Mime Madhu
CinematographyAcharya Venu
Edited byMadhu
Music byBheems Ceciroleo
Dil Raju Productions
Release date3 March 2023
Running time129 minutes
Box office₹26.72 crores

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