Balagam Movie in iBOMMA. Featuring Priyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram, Sudhakar Reddy, and Muraleedhar Goud, the upcoming Telugu drama film Balagam. Venu Yeldandi directed the movie. The central board for film certification has given the movie the approval stamp “U/A.”

The Telugu movie Balagam Movie, which will be released in India, was made by Harshith Reddy and Hanshitha Reddy under the production company Dil Raju Productions. IMDb states that once the movie is published, it will be scored out of 10 based on user reviews. This movie has gotten 8.3 out of 10 user ratings, therefore it is estimated that more than 60% of people would find the movie to be favourable.

Balagam Movie Information

Movie NameBalagam
OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video
OTT Release Date24 March 2023
Theatrical Release Date3 March 2023
DirectorVenu Yeldandi
WriterVenu Yeldandi
StarringPriyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram, Sudhakar Reddy, Muraleedhar Goud
CinematographyAcharya Venu
Music DirectorBheems Ceciroleo
Film IndustryTollywood
Budget3 Crore


  • Priyadarshi as Gajula Saailu, Komurayya’s grandson and Ailayya’s son
  • Kavya Kalyanram as Sandhya
  • Sudhakar Reddy as Gajula Komuram ‘Komurayya’, Sailu’s grandfather
  • Kota Jayaram as Gajula Ailayya, Sailu’s father and Komurayya’s elder son
  • Kommu Sujatha as Gajula Swaroopa, Sailu’s mother
  • Muralidhar Goud as Narayana, Sandhya’s father and Komurayya’s son-in-law
  • Roopa Laxmi as Lakshmi, Sandhya’s mother and Komurayya’s daughter
  • Krishna Teja as Ravi, Sailu’s friend
  • Racha Ravi as Rajesh, Sailu’s friend
  • Venu Yeldandi as Narsi
  • Mime Madhu as Gajula Mogilayya, Komurayya’s younger son
  • Rohini as Susheela, Narsi’s wife
  • Vidyasagar Kalampuri as the moneylender’s son


This film includes various nativity scenes with Telangana backgrounds and accent. Venu Yeldandi, the film’s director, deserves recognition for using Sirisilla’s history in the tale and creating entirely innocent people in that context. The filmmaker did a good job of depicting every facet of the movie’s key characters’ lives, including their thoughts and desires. The director’s style appears quite natural in several instances.

We have the impression that we are carefully observing the lives of performers like Priyadarshi, Kavya Kalyan Ram, Sudhakar Reddy, and Muralidhar Goud while we watch the film. The soft humour amongst the characters is perhaps this film’s greatest asset. Every character in the novel is also incredibly realistic. Each character makes sense and naturally advances the plot.

In terms of the performers’ performance, Priyadarshi, who played the hero, did an excellent job. Additionally, Sudhakar Reddy delivered a stunning performance in this film’s second main part. The heroine, Kavya Kalyan Ram, also made an impression with her genuine performance.

Additionally doing their parts justice were Muralidhar Goud, Roopa Lakshmi, Jayaram, Vijayalakshmi, and Venu Tillu. Additionally, the villagers’ performers did an excellent job in portraying them.

Despite providing a flawless performance in terms of plot and characters, director Venu Yeldandi seems to drag along the narrative. The episodes of the family drama would have been cut down especially. Additionally, several comedic situations that are not essential to the plot should be eliminated. The sequences that follow the demise of Komuraiya’s character are also occasionally slow-moving and tedious.

Despite the fact that all of the performers did a good job, this movie’s outcome will be slightly harmed by the absence of star power. Even if the film has features that will appeal to viewers used to typical commercial elements, it is unclear how much interest they will demonstrate in seeing this particular film.


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