Das Ka Dhamki

Das Ka Dhamki Movie in iBOMMA. Not everyone enjoys juggling direction and performing at the same time. Such daring initiatives are uncommon from mainstream actors. Devil-may-care Such risky actions are nothing new for Vishwak Sen.

With Falaknuma Das, he previously successfully demonstrated it. After a protracted absence, Vishwak and Dhamki are moving again. Does he perform well again? Is he lucky a second time? Let’s investigate.

Short Story

A waiter at a luxury hotel named Krishna Das (Vishwak Sen) develops feelings for Keerthi (Nivetha Pethuraj). Krishna poses as Dr. Sanjay Rudra to impress her as a wealthy man. Krishna receives Keerthi’s affection in return, but she ends their relationship when she finds out he works as a waitress.

But perhaps surprisingly, Das is chosen to represent a Rs 10,000 crore investment. What difficulties do Dass encounter? What is the origin of Sanjay Rudra, and how is he related to Krishna Das? The focus of the narrative is on Das’s response to these unforeseen events in his life.


Vishwak Sen transitions into Das’ position with ease. He plays to his strengths and maintains his own humour, occasionally joining in with his pals Aadi and Mahesh. On movies, Nivetha Pethuraj exudes beauty and is talented in songs. Her job is not done yet. Although she rules the first half, her importance wanes in the important second half.

She continues to inspire the main character. The persona of Rao Ramesh is one-dimensional and has little to offer. I find the Sanjay family to be obnoxious, especially Prithvi and Rajitha. They are greedy and heartless. They serve just as fillers. As a mother who is disabled, Rohini performs well and meets expectations.

Technical Aspect

The Dhamki narrative is neither brand-new or original. However, actor-director Vishwak incorporates his distinctive approach. He loses his way in the second half. The music is nice. The song “Almost Padipoyave Pilla” is excellent and well-shot. The party music is a firm no during important moments. Pace issues plague the movie. Visuals are a visual treat.


Vishwak Sen attempted to rewrite a typical tale that Dhamaka author Prasanna Kumar had written. The first half moves along without any problems and is only sometimes humorous. It’s fun to see Das and Keerthi’s romance develop. Das and his friends who operate the motel add to the enjoyment. A few chuckles pop out here and there thanks to hyper Aadi and Mahesh.

Perhaps not everyone would enjoy Vishwak’s sense of humour. But this part offers a little solace. The first half is respectable and seems to be family-friendly entertainment. The second part, which contrasts the first, is what turns viewers off since it takes them to a strange, unpleasant, and gloomy place. The problems are made worse by Sanjay’s character’s entrance.

Simply said, the second half tanked and was a complete letdown. Too many twists are ineffective. The entire concept of a cancer cure, new drugs, and Rs 10,000 crore is forced and unconvincing. The relationship between the professor and the drug has been overdone in a number of films. The second half’s unwelcome party tune is a test of endurance.

Dhamki is, in general, just partially baked and cooked. To make it taste better, Vishwak added common masala and various spices. But the final product is neither pleasing nor wholly gratifying.


Directed byVishwak Sen
Written byVishwak Sen Prasanna Kumar Bezawada
Produced byKarate Raju Vishwak Sen
StarringVishwak Sen Nivetha Pethuraj Rao Ramesh Tharun Bhascker
CinematographyDinesh K. Babu George C. Williams (1 song)
Edited byAnwar Ali
Music byLeon James Ram Miriyala (1 song)
Vanmaye CreationsVishwaksen Cinemas
Release date22 March 2023
Running time151 minutes
Box officeest. ₹22.80 crores

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