Dasara Movie in iBOMMA. Star Naturally Dasara and Nani are arriving in a fresh, tough appearance against a sparse, rural environment. Actor Srikanth Odela, a newbie, seemed to have great confidence in the results of his guidance of the excellent actor. The trailer piqued everyone’s interest. Here is the review from the US premieres of the film, which was just released in theatres.

Short Story

Veerlapalli, a community with a coal mine backdrop, is caught up in local politics and alcoholism. Childhood pals Dharani (Nani) and Suri (Deekshith Shetty). Dharani loves Suri even if she falls in love with Vennela (Keerthy Suresh). After they are accidentally involved in the politics between the major heads, the attention turns to Dharani and Suri. Dharani experiences a shock of a lifetime amidst several turns. What has happened to him, and how is he responding? This is how Dasara’s tale is composed.


Nani is an exceptional actor, as he has several times demonstrated. In Dasara, Nani took on a new persona, and the entire time, we only saw Dharani. Dasara continues to be without a doubt Nani’s greatest performance to date. Nani succeeded in every aspect of the film, from the accent and look to the dramatic passages and action sequences. Nani has a number of standout moments in which his onscreen talent steals the stage. Along with the sequences with Nani, Keerthy Suresh’s talent as an actor was evident. When compared to Nani, Deekshith Shetty puts on a display that is as impressive. The performances of the main trio are what elevate Dasara to the next level.

Technical Aspects

We’ve seen enough of films with unpolished people and rural backdrops. Dasara is not only one of them but also one of the best in terms of technological accomplishment. Excellent cinematography is used. The inland vibe is so expertly preserved to align with the plot, from the frames when we see the roads surrounding the quarry to the sunset vistas. The movie is illuminated dimly throughout, and that ambience also establishes the plot. Excellent background music elevates the graph during action sections. The script is strong. The song by Chamkeela Angeelesi is outstanding in every way.


Nani did not just act so well for Dasara but also promoted it like never before. He had been telling that he instantly liked the narration and went ahead with it. Dasara is pretty much a straightforward story with fewer twists and more emotions. Nani along with Keerthy Suresh and Deekshith Shetty managed to keep it high with their exceptional performances.

More of the camaraderie between Nani and Dharani is featured in the first half of the film, which develops its idea. Most of the time in the first half until the pre-interval, the speed slows down. The plot advances, yet there are times when it seems to drag. Pre-interval block’s unexpected twist is a shot that is certain to have an effect. With the pursuit and the killings before the intermission, the captivating graph that descended with the love failure song resumes its shape. The half-time break prepares the proper setting for the second half.

Due to the absence of censor edits, the audience in the US could experience the film in its entirety. There are lows and highs specific to the second half. The majority of the time, the emotions dominate the story twists. It’s promising to see a Dasara-like movie from a new filmmaker.

Dasara benefits from the realistic approach and compelling performances from the major actors, but the plot has too many topics to cover. Later, the ideas of love and eventually passion take precedence over those of friendship, caste, and political risk. Dasara finally comes across as a vengeance story, despite the fact that everything else may have prevented the spectator from figuring out the plot’s subterfuge. The blending of too many ideas may have added a variety of narrative options, but it also made the original thread messy. The filmmaker has been using the motif of Dharani’s amnesia and bravery while he is intoxicated from the beginning. The conclusion on alcoholism may have been included because the filmmaker wished to address that.

Regarding the presentation, the filmmaker successfully maintained the subject and setting from beginning to end. The dim lighting of the scene and the intricate details, such as the shifting party emblems in Silk Smitha’s painting, prevent the spectator from straying from the scene. The villain’s persona lacks the intensity and force that it should. The evil character mainly seems weak and inferior, while the other key cast members deliver excellent performances. If the portrayal is deliberate, only the director will know.

Dasara’s conclusion is one of its most impressive moments. Nani pulls off a never-before-seen action-packed carnage, and he comes out as a terrible figure with a weapon. Dasara features a typical plot with an emotional rollercoaster and a scattering of beguiling action, but Nani’s brilliance is what sets this Dasara apart.


Directed bySrikanth Odela
Written bySrikanth OdelaJella SrinathArjuna PaturiVamsi Krishna P.
Produced bySudhakar Cherukuri
StarringNani Keerthy Suresh Dheekshith Shetty
CinematographySathyan Sooryan
Edited byNaveen Nooli
Music bySanthosh Narayanan
Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Cinemas
Release date30 March 2023
Running time156 minutes
Budget₹65 crore
Box officeest. ₹117 crore

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