Puli Meka

Puli Meka Movie in iBOMMA. Telugu online series have been produced by Zed 5 one after the other. The next film is Puli Meka, a thriller that serves as Lavanya Tripathi and Aadi Saikumar’s OTT debut. Kona Venkat, a writer and producer, came up with the idea for the programme. This television programme, which centres on a serial murderer on the run, was directed by Chakravarthy Reddy.

Short Story

After three police officers are slain one after another, the police force is shaken. Suman, the chief constable, believes that a serial murderer is at large and gives Kiran Prabha, his constable, the assignment. Head of the clues team Prabhakar (Aadi Saikumar) arrives to help Kiran. As time goes on, the inquiry reveals that one officer is responsible for all of these killings, but Prabhakar is unable to say who it is. Who is the offender? and the main plot of the movie is how Prabhakar and Kiran Prabha uncover the mystery.


For the first time in her career, Lavanya Tripathi portrays a cop, and she does a good job. She has effectively conveyed the authority required of a police officer as well as important facial expressions. She is given a substantial role and astounds us by changing. Aadi Saikumar flawlessly executes the supporting role. In the beginning, he seems meek, but as the story goes on, he gains confidence. Suman, a seasoned actor, plays a meaningful role and is tidy. Raja is ominous in his bad part, while the supporting cast is only OK. For a change, Bigg Boss star Siri gets a very decent part, and she was excellent in it.

Technical Aspect

Kona Venkat is the author of Puli Meka, and his prose is not particularly compelling. He included a love story and family dynamics that were not necessary in order to make the storyline more commercial. These additions lessen the suspense in the series. The BGM and music of Praveen Lakkaraju are unremarkable and have little impact. The editing of the entire series by Chota K Prasad is subpar since at least 30 minutes might have been cut. The setup is not very realistic, and the overall production design is drab.


The suspense element is the most valuable component of any web series with a serial killer idea. The potential for tension and thrills in Puli Meka is compromised by a stupid love story and a pointless family drama. Kona Venkat’s writing sidetracks so frequently and only settles down in the sixth episode rather than focusing on the emotional component of the struggle. The suspense and excitement element are entirely lost till then.

However, Kona Venkat makes a strong impression in the most recent episodes because to his clever manoeuvres. Chakravarthy Reddy, the director, takes care to elevate all the parallel tracks and seamlessly connect them. It was extremely stunning how the primary offender was identified. The last scene’s twist and the way the dots are joined are both incredibly interesting and unexpected. The filmmaker deserves praise for handling this role expertly.

The online serial Puli Meka also takes a while to gain traction. The finest content is saved for the last episode, but it is already too late. The latter few episodes contain some likeable thrills, and Lavanya Tripathi and Aadi Sai Kumar are terrific. But it takes a lot of patience and free time to watch this show. Therefore, you can view it whenever suits you, but nothing extraordinary has been shown.


GenreCrime thriller
Created byKona Venkat
Story byVenkatesh Kilaru
Directed byK. Chakravarthy Reddy.
StarringLavanya Tripathi
Aadi Saikumar
Music byPraveen Lakkaraju
Country of originIndia
Original languageTelugu
No. of episodes8
ProducersKona Venkat
Shravya Kona
CinematographyRam K. Mahesan
EditorChota K. Prasad
Production companyKona Film Corporation
Original networkZEE5
Original release24 February 2023

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