Rama Baanam

Rama Baanam Movie in iBOMMA. Gopichand teamed up with Sriwass, a filmmaker with whom he had previously collaborated on two films. This time, Rama Baanam will accompany the pair. According to the teaser, Rama Baanam appears to have all the elements of a popular film, including the popular pairing of Gopichand and Jagapathi Babu. Let’s see if the film achieves its intended goal now that it has been released in theatres.

Short Story

Rajaram (Jagapathi Babu) is a kind man who is committed to giving everyone access to organic food. His violent younger brother Vicky (Gopichand) flees his home to establish himself as a prosperous man. Vicky rises to the status of a don in Kolkata and develops feelings for Bhairavi (Dimple Hayathi). After being apart for a while, Vicky is reunited with his family and finds out that his brother is having serious issues because to GK (Tarun Arora) and Paparao (Nasser). Rama Baanam is mostly concerned with how he resolves the issues and what he does to win back his brother’s love.


Gopichand devotes his time and energy to every part he does. Although he plays a similar role in Rama Baanam, the plot suffers from a stale and stereotypical structure. The typical Jagapathi Babu. When they last appeared together, Jagapathi Babu and Gopichand appeared like actual brothers, but their roles in Rama Baanam display false sibling connection. Dimple Hayathi is only a glam doll throughout the film, and she seldom speaks at all. As the motherlike vadina of the hero, Khushboo portrayed the most monotonous character. Tarun Arora’s performance as the villain is tedious and predictable. Even his cautions, gestures, and voice give the impression that we can anticipate what he will say.

Technical Aspect

The first offenders is Rama Baanam’s narrative and tale. The movie’s brief running period of a little over two hours is its only consolation. Rama Baanam offers little more than a dated narrative in a trite context. Some of the songs use beautiful scenery as the backdrop. The emotional depth between the characters in the story is entirely fake, and there is a lack of meaningful connection between them. It is more akin to a series of scenes. The background music is not noteworthy.


To prove himself, the main character flees from his morally upright sibling and eventually becomes one of Kolkata’s most powerful criminals. When he returns home, he discovers that his brother is facing major difficulties. It goes without saying that he will use his wealth and influence to fix any issue. In a nutshell, this is the tale of Rama Banam, which is only an addendum to one of the most popular template tales that have appeared in recent years. Rama Baanam by Gopichand is one jarring example of the commonplace tales.

First Half

The character introductions kick off the first half, which then transitions into a standard plot with elevations and a few battles. A sigh of relief may be heard as the same old dull love ballad with a mobster and a vlogger enters the scene since at least it is set up in song. Vennela Kishore’s performance in Ali’s comedy track is the most grating. This tired comedic trope has long since disappeared.

Second Half

Rama Baanam sticks to the formula of five songs, six fights, the sister-in-law’s maternal love, a Hindi villain who only cares about the mafia, and many more well-known characters playing their part. The second part likewise follows the framework, with the main character continuing to warn the villains and kick the thugs. Rama Baanam features the idea of food adulteration, much like many timeless tales have a common theme that the evil typically seeks and the hero or his brother opposes. Throughout the whole film, there are several shallow and absurd situations that come and go.

Over All

There are jathara fights, songs about faraway places, warehouse fights, rescue poisoned children, defending poor people’s lands, and courtroom lectures in Rama Baanam. These are only a handful of the repetitive list of moments in the film, and it’s past time for our directors to stop using this purportedly generic template.

Overall, Rama Baanam doesn’t provide anything novel or captivating. With the padding of songs and fights, the plot concept is extremely typical, and that alone won’t entice you to see the film.


Directed bySriwass
Screenplay bySriwass
Dialogues byMadhusudhan Padamati
Story byBhupathi Raja
Produced byT. G. Vishwa Prasad
Vivek Kuchibhotla
StarringGopichand Dimple Hayathi Jagapathi Babu
CinematographyVetri Palanisamy
Edited byPrawin Pudi
Music byMickey J. Meyer
People Media Factory
Release date5 May 2023
Running time140 minutes

Screen Short

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