Ravanasura Movie in iBOMMA. Waltair Veerayya and Dhamaka, two highly popular films, have been Raviteja’s recent successes. He is presently moving in Sudheer Varma’s path with his Ravanasura. With Raviteja playing a bad character, the trailer gave the impression of being a thriller. Here is the review of the film, which was just released in theatres.

Short Story

Sampath’s character, Vijay Talwar, a business mogul, is detained for a murder for which there is overwhelming evidence but he maintains he is not aware of the circumstances. When his daughter Harika Talwar (Megha Akash) needs legal assistance, she goes to the office of Advocate Kanakamahalakshmi (Faria Abdullah).

A young lawyer named Ravindra (Raviteja) attempts to assist her. ACP Hanumantha Rao launches an investigation into this case and unearths startling information. Who is putting them to death and why? That is the tale that Ravanasura narrates.


Even though it is a familiar part for him, Raviteja does a good job in it. He was rather unfamiliar with the grey role, but he handled it well. Sushanth is given a substantial and important part. Anu Emmanuel just appears in two sequences and doesn’t contribute anything. Small roles are provided to Megha Akash, Poojitha Ponnada, and Faria Abdullah, and they all do fine in them.

Daksha Nagarkar performed admirably on her own. In the character of ACP, Jayaram performed admirably, and all the others primarily played blink-and-miss roles. Murali Sharma, Rao Ramesh, Vijaykumar, Sampath, Srikanth, Hyper Aadi, and other actors make up the enormous star ensemble.

Technical Aspect

The plot of Ravanasura is a well-known one that centres on getting even. The first half is filled with numerous dull and lifeless situations. The script definitely had room for improvement. The music slows you down. Anyone who like the original Veyyinnokka Jillala Varaku song will suffer while listening to this version. The photography is passable. Most of the time, background music is excellent.


Some directors choose to stay with tried-and-true stories while attempting to come up with new ideas. The latter sort is represented in Raviteja’s Ravanasura, although it has a thriller theme and a grey colour to it.

There are far too many films where a hero kills a number of powerful individuals as personal vengeance for being complicit in a medical mafia fraud. Ravanasura is precisely the kind of film that never exceeds viewers’ imaginations.

Like any Raviteja film, the first part of this one features sequences in which the hero flirts with the heroine and expresses a desire to wed her. A loud love failure song and some forced humour in court scenes over the first thirty minutes of the story make it uninteresting. Before the major reveal, the pre-interval sequences attempt to keep the audience interested for a while with uncertainty and a cat-and-mouse game. The second half is severely burdened by the first half’s extremely mediocre performance, despite the fact that it is mostly foreseeable.

The plot in the second half remains quite simple and gives pretty obvious signals as to where everything is headed. There were several passages of foreshadowing in the narrative, most of which made us want to skip the case and get right into the flashback. In line with expectations, the flashback also fails to wow the audience and is as archaic as mountains. There is very little prospect of an emotional connection developing because the idea is so archaic and outdated.

Although Ravanasura is more violent than both of his previous films, “Kick” and “Lie,” it may serve as a reminder to the viewer of those works.

Ravanasura has disregarded a great deal of logic, and there are very few extravagant situations. For instance, Anu Emmanuel’s involvement is entirely unnecessary other than the fact that a hero requires a heroine. The ACP who solves the case while applauding the killer is not at all sane. Why did the police not return for more inquiry after discovering Sushanth’s residence and line of work? Too many scenes would be absurd to mention them all.

When it seems like the movie is almost over and the finale is visible, an item song appears to try the viewer’s patience. The finale follows the predictable climax, which features an over-the-top battle scene.


Directed bySudheer Varma
Written bySudheer Varma
Srikanth Vissa
Produced byAbhishek Nama
Ravi Teja
StarringRavi Teja
Anu Emmanuel
Megha Akash
Daksha Nagarkar
Pujita Ponnada
CinematographyVijay Kartik Kannan
G. K. Vishnu
Edited byNaveen Nooli
Music byHarshavardhan Rameshwar
Bheems Ceciroleo
Abhishek Pictures
Release date7 April 2023
Running time140 minutes
Budget₹50 crore
Box office₹21.15 crore

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