Save the Tigers

Save the Tigers Movie in iBOMMA. Mahi V Raghav, a talented director, is back with Save The Tigers, a comic caper on Disney Plus Hotstar that he produced and wrote. The Teja Kamukamu-directed online series, which stars Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, and Krishna Chaitanya in the key characters, is currently available for streaming.

Short Story

Three unhappy spouses, Sujatha, Pavani Gandireddy, and Deviyani, respectively, are Ghanta Ravi (Priyadarshi), Rahul (Abhinav Gomatam), and Vikram (Krishna Chaitanya). They once got intoxicated and kidnap a well-known Tollywood diva. Why did these three pals lose their cool so quickly? What is the history of their families? The main plot of Save The Tigers is why did they ultimately capture the heroine.


It is really uncommon for us to witness the full celebrity cast giving such a strong performance. But in Save The Tigers, each character has a lovely journey that only serves to make for enjoyable viewing. Priyadarshi’s performance as Ghanta Ravi demonstrates yet another facet of his acting talent.

His Telangana dialect speaking and body language in the movie are both excellent. Sujatha, who portrays his wife, supports Priyadarshi admirably. A fantastic persona is given to Abhinav Gomata, and his track is the greatest in the entire series. The series has several humorous scenarios because to Abhinav’s wonderful tongue-in-cheek humour with his maid, Roshni. Krishna Chaitanya does well in his part as a soft-spoken spouse.

Technical Aspect

In essence, there isn’t much of a plot to speak of and nothing really innovative. However, the way three tunes from various families are presented is excellent. Every event may be related to, and the greatest part is the amusing dialogue that has been penned.

Each and every character’s jokes are pushed to the right level. The show doesn’t cost much money, yet the locales and graphics are pleasing to the eye. Given that each episode lasts only thirty minutes, the editing is flawless. The writing is compelling, keeps your interest, and keeps you interested the entire time. The BGM is likewise uncomplicated and organised.


These days, web series tend to be crime-based, gloomy, and loaded with vulgarity. However, Mahi V. Raghav’s Save The Tigers is a completely clean family comedy that the whole family may enjoy. The centrepiece of the evening is Mahi V Raghav’s humour, which he made from actual events. Mahi V. Raghav does a good job of writing on how women’ behaviour towards their husbands produces a humorous situation.

Teja Kakumanu, the film’s director, deserves praise for making the proceedings entertaining and relevant. Each episode just lasts 30 minutes and has a straightforward twist at the conclusion. The comedy’s lack of double-meaning jokes is another of its greatest features.

However, the last episode, which deals with the kidnapping problem, is where things start to get a little dull. The first season is mostly just about the three protagonists and their struggles with life. More kidnapping drama and how the buddies handle difficult circumstances will be featured in the second season.
The main characters Priyadarshi, Abhinav Gomatam, and Krishna Chaitanya are crucial because they take the initiative and keep the audience interested. Save The Tigers’ plot isn’t particularly strong overall, but the way it’s carried out is what sets it apart. The comedy may seem over the top to some, but those who are looking for amusement will have a good time.

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