The Kerala Story

The Kerala Story Movie in iBomma. With the publishing of The Kerala Story, a kind of phenomenon was started. The film’s surprising revelations have generated controversy. Produced by Vipul Shah, this movie is directed by Sudipto Sen and stars Adah Sharma, Siddhi Idhnani, and Sonia Balani.

Short Story

Students from a nursing college in Kerala include Shalini Unnikrishnan (Adah Sharma), Nimah (Yogita Bihani), and Siddhi Idnani (Geetanjali). They share a room with Asifa (Sonia Balani), an ISIS operative in her own right. Her goal is to convert non-Muslim females to Islam by brainwashing them. Asifa introduces two young men into the lives of Shalini and Nimah with the intention of converting them to Islam and transporting them as — slaves to Syria. The Kerala Story’s plot is around how all of this plays out and how the ladies deal with odd circumstances related to this conspiracy.


The performances in The Kerala Story are fantastic. Adah Sharma has long been regarded as a glamour doll, yet she astounds everyone with her performance. Her language, the manner she portrays a Keralan girl, and the emotions she displays are excellent. Sidhhi Idnani is also excellent in her role and displays good emotion. Sonaia Balani, who portrays the ISIS spy, was excellent in the part and had a lot of room to express herself. Additionally neat in her assigned position was Yogita Bihani. Vijay Krishna, Pranav Mishra, and Pranay Pachauri were excellent in their supporting parts.

Technical Aspect

The movie has excellent production quality. The cinematographer does a fantastic job of showcasing the Syria sites, the campus backdrop, and the residential areas. Amazing music by Viresh Sreevalsa and Bisakh Jyoti, but the BGM was much better. One of the film’s strengths is the screenplay, which has been shown in an excellent way while the story jumps back and forth in time. Although the dialogues were pretty amazing, the editing was also excellent.


Not all sectors should read The Kerala Story. Muslims will undoubtedly disagree with the way Islam is presented. The film’s creators, however, claim that it was based on actual events that involved around 32,000 non-Muslim Indian females from Kerala who were indoctrinated, converted, pregnant, taken to terror camps, raped, and used as — slaves in ISIS camps in Syria and Afghanistan.

There is a lot of violence in the Kerala narrative. In a horrible way, the culture of rape, hand-chopping, beheading, and traumatization of innocent women are displayed. You will undoubtedly be shocked with the actual places, happenings, and how young ladies are coerced into becoming Muslims.

The movie offers a direct look at what goes on behind closed doors and how innocent ladies in Kerala are being converted to Islam, even though there are no scenes that portray Islam negatively.

The sequences that illustrate the brainwashing of these girls have been written extremely nicely. In addition to this, the real performances draw interest. The Kerala Story was made without any concessions, and there are several situations that will undoubtedly touch you. The film’s on-point emotions are among its greatest strengths.

There is no time to unwind in The Kerala Story since the movie deals with difficult subjects in a ruthless way.


Directed bySudipto Sen
Written bySuryapal SinghSudipto SenVipul Amrutlal Shah
Produced byVipul Amrutlal Shah
StarringAdah Sharma Yogita Bihani Sonia Balani Siddhi Idnani
CinematographyPrasantanu Mohapatra
Edited bySanjay Sharma
Music byViresh SreevalsaBishakh Jyoti
Sunshine Pictures
Release date5 May 2023
Running time138 minutes
Box officeest.₹ 35.25 crore

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