Ugram Movie in iBOMMA. For a police procedural with a murder mystery, Vijay Kanakamedala, the director of Naandhi, paired up with actor Allari Naresh. Given the winning formula and Naresh’s characterization in the trailers, which had never been done before, Ugram was able to generate some volume.

Shine Screens, a reputable production company, supported the picture, which increased its scope. Will Vijay and Naresh be able to duplicate their Naandhi magic? Will they fulfil their promise a second time? Let’s investigate.

Short Story

An accident causes Shiva (Naresh), a trustworthy police officer, to suffer injuries. Since that time, both his wife Aparna (Mirnaa Menon) and daughter Lucky (Ooha), 5, have vanished. Shiva learns that his wife and daughter’s disappearance is connected to a series of unsolved missing persons cases while still dealing with his trauma and being accused of murder. The main plot of the narrative is how Shiva solves the riddle and punishes those responsible.


Police roles are nothing new for Allari Naresh. He completed Blade Babji and Kithakithalu. While those were comedies, Naresh changed with Ugram, becoming irate and brazen. He played a different role here, and he did it effectively. Mirna Menon is doing OK. She has a narrow range. Kid Ooha is brilliant in her role. Her endearing remarks and facial expressions accomplish the goal. The portrayal of Indraja is not strong enough. SI Victor is portrayed by actor Shatru. His portrayal as Naresh’s faithful subordinate is effective. It’s important for the villain character to be more potent. All other characters, who appear and then disappear, are less important.

Technical Aspect

Ugram’s storyline is really shallow. The passion and emotion that support the narrative make up for it. Vijay, the director, plays to his strengths. The non-linear script did a good job of telling the tale. Sri Charan Pakala, a composer of music, is responsible for the background score’s success. However, the placement of the songs seems unconvincing. Camera work is exceptional. It’s okay to edit.


Ugram’s weak, constrained storyline is an issue since it calls for better writing. There are recurring father-daughter and husband-wife moments. Given how frequently police procedurals are written, it might be difficult to provide a fresh take on the genre. Additionally, living up to expectations is difficult. Here, writing has a significant impact. And it emphasises in Ugram. The non-linear screenplay has a distinct advantage, and when employed properly, it excels.

The movie centres on the personal issues and loss of police inspector Shiva, which deviates from the main narrative. The opening scene of the movie is a pivotal scene that establishes the plot’s framework. It’s an excellent idea that the conflict has been declared without delay. Director Vijay Kanakamedala of Naandhi adheres strictly to the plot he has selected. He presented Naresh as a fierce and strong police officer by playing to his strengths. The two gained the advantage in this situation. There is a lot of action in the movie. The world is covered with blood. Intense acting in the movie does succeed.

First Half & Second Half

The dormitory scene is crucial for the second half of the movie as well as for establishing the plot and illustrating how it impacts Shiva’s personal life. There is less relationship between the first and second halves.

The protagonist and his daughter and wife who have gone missing are the only things in common. The second half introduces fresh individuals with surprising motivations. What works against Ugram is the emotional distance. The protagonist’s suffering is not particularly moving.

Better writing is required for the protagonist and antagonist sequence. When the villain falls into the protagonist’s trap easily, it is not realistic. The villain part is weak overall. Additionally, his justification for the offence is not strong enough. The liberties used by the films are clear.

A great villain with a compelling motivation and clever twists would have made a significant impact in Ugram’s story. Since it was unable to, it settles in as a typical watch. Overall, Ugram is the type of movie that could succeed when you go into it with no preconceived notions. However, it dissatisfies many who had high hopes for the Naandhi combination.


Directed byVijay Kanakamedala
Screenplay byVijay Kanakamedala
Dialogues byAbburi Ravi
Story byToom Venkat
Produced bySahu Garapati
Harish Peddi
StarringAllari Naresh
Mirnaa Menon
CinematographySiddharth J.
Edited byChota K. Prasad
Music bySricharan Pakala
Shine Screens
Anji Industeries
Release date5 May 2023
Running time148 minutes
Budget₹ 10 crores
Box office₹ 5 crores (Day 1) Andhra Pradesh & Telengana share

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