The world has been eagerly awaiting the release of Oppenheimer, the new film from brilliant director Christopher Nolan. Today was the movie’s premiere. Check out our review to see how well this film does.


Starring: Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh, Josh Hartnett, Casey Affleck, Rami Malek, Kenneth Branagh

Director: Christopher Nolan

Producers: Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, Christopher Nolan

Music Director: Ludwig Göransson


During World War I, Leslie Groves (Matt Damon), an officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers, contacts theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) to request that he create an atomic bomb (A-Bomb). It is developed by Oppenheimer and other scientists and used later in the war by the US government. Oppenheimer is subsequently referred to as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” yet a trial concerning Oppenheimer is held a few years later. For what reason is the trial being held? Next, what does Oppenheimer do? The rest of the story is told in the film.



Directed byChristopher Nolan
Screenplay byChristopher Nolan
Based onAmerican Prometheus
by Kai Bird Martin J. Sherwin
Produced byEmma Thomas Charles Roven Christopher Nolan
StarringCillian MurphyEmily BluntMatt DamonRobert Downey Jr.Florence PughJosh HartnettCasey AffleckRami MalekKenneth Branagh
CinematographyHoyte van Hoytema
Edited byJennifer Lame
Music byLudwig Göransson
Syncopy Atlas Entertainment
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release datesJuly 11, 2023 (Le Grand Rex)July 21, 2023 (United States and United Kingdom)
Running time180 minutes
CountriesUnited StatesUnited Kingdom
Budget$100 million
Box office$960.7 million


Renowned for his epic narratives, Christopher Nolan skillfully captures the emotional journey of the man who invented the atomic bomb. He adopts an engaging tack, concentrating on the life of the A-bomb’s inventor rather than the process of creating it.

Award-winning actor Cillian Murphy portrays Oppenheimer with great finesse, capturing the nuanced aspects of the physicist’s persona.

Audiences are taken aback by Robert Downey Jr.’s impressive portrayal of Lewis Strauss, a negative part that highlights his acting range.

Oppenheimer’s wife Kitty, played by Emily Blunt, gives the movie depth, and Florence Pugh, Matt Damon, and other supporting cast members elevate the whole cinematic experience.

The team accomplished a tremendous feat by demonstrating the Los Alamos A-bomb detonation without the use of computer-generated imagery.

While some viewers may find the three hours of contentment tedious, those who are invested in the story will probably find it acceptable.

Viewers who are unfamiliar with Oppenheimer’s life may find it difficult to follow the film due to the use of fragmented timeframes, which are a crucial component of the screenplay. Knowing a little bit about the physicist’s history beforehand could improve the viewing experience.

Because the first hour is less dramatic than the second, the engagement level may be impacted overall. Furthermore, not every viewer may find the transition between color and monochrome scenes to be appealing. Many characters could be confusing to readers who aren’t familiar with Oppenheimer’s narrative.


Christopher Nolan once again demonstrates his exceptional storytelling abilities in Oppenheimer. Cillian Murphy gave an excellent performance, and he deserves to win many honors for the role that he played. On the other hand, some viewers can become confused and bored due to the disjointed timeframes and pointless sequences. Get your tickets to the film this weekend to witness Nolan’s brilliance if you can put these things aside and pay attention to the story.


1. Oppenheimer Movie Release Date?

Oppenheimer Movie was released on July 21, 2023.